Welcome to DragonSpade Online Gallery.
Established in 1991 Dragonspade is a design and sculpture studio with a mission to create with our customers: that which inspires us, that which we reflect on, and that which we celebrate in life.

Nathan Paul Meyer established Dragon Spade Scultptural Design in 1991 following his passion for nature and driven by a mission to create only the finest in multi-media art and sculpture. The study of art, design, and sculpture allows him to see his working mediums as the basic elements of creation: Earth (stone), Wind (glass), Fire (metal) and Water (wood). Sculptures, often rising from a stone base, give way to the more formidable Granite monuments and Marble memorials of his creation. Glass, traditionally hand blown and considered a celebration of light, is the source of the artists many stained glass windows, doors and three dimensional projects. The fragility of the glass naturally gives way to the strength of the metal bronze castings and welded metal sculptures offered by Nathan. Steel is often used by the artist as a reinforcement for stained glass windows while the solder in them gives the art integrity while at the same time copper and brass tubing allow him an almost infinite range of tones in his kinetic art wind chimes. From tree to finished furniture and sculpture, logs are custom sawn and dried by the artist and are then worked to into such forms as carved sculpture, furniture, figures and relief carvings.

In the last 20 years Nathan has created and installed his works of art in homes, businesses, hospitals, theatres, churches and cemeteries throughout the continental United States as well as having his works featured in museum and private collections. For further information check out the web site at www.dragonspade.com.

This Anniversary Celebration kicks off at 8pm following October's first Friday Art Walk happening from 4 - 8 pm. Come make a night of it enjoying a rich evening of art, music, refreshments and friendship. Join us to meet the artists and see all the Gallery's great art.

Perkins Place is located at 132 E. Perkins St. in downtown Medford. Gallery hours: Thurs and Fri 1-6pm, Sat 1-4pm or by appointment. For more information on these and other events, visit;
www.Perkinsplace132.com or www.dragonspade.com or please contact Nathan Meyer at
715.748.3977 or perkinsplace132@yahoo.com

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